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WhiteSpace™ is a powerful, browser based, Resource Scheduling Solution. Suitable for Team, Office, Department or Organization wide implementations. WhiteSpace™ can run stand-alone or integrated with other systems including Time Recording and Microsoft Exchange.

With both traditional "diary style" scheduling as well as Task / Commitment scheduling, WhiteSpace™ solves the complex task of Employee and Project scheduling.

Example WhiteSpace™ screen. Click here for full details on WhiteSpace™.

Color coded Booking Types and definable Employee views deliver an instant view of workload and availability. You can see who is working on what, when, where, unbookable and available time grouped by Person, Department, Skill, Project or Customer.

When integrated with Time Recording, WhiteSpace™ completes your Project Management cycle. Project timesheet actuals plus Estimates to complete provide your projected Estimate. This compared to initial budget delivers overrun analysis; providing Managers with an early warning system throughout the project life cycle.