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Resources are anything you wish to schedule, view, plan and manage, from Staff, Meeting Rooms and Equipment to Training Courses and Projects.

Resource Properties holds all scheduling, Classes and Booking Priority definitions.
Resource Properties and Classes screen

Resources have many attributes to help view, select and schedule including a Timetable of available time, their Resource Classes and Auto-booking priority and an Email Address for email alerts and diary synchronization in the case of staff. Resources can also be allocated to any number of Resource Classes.

Resource Classes provides a powerful and user definable classification system that allows any grouping or attribute to be allocated to Resources to assist in planning, searching availability and reporting upon Resources.

For example Resource Classes can be used to group Staff by Skill, Grade, Team, Department etc. allowing availability in any Skill, Grade etc to be searched, or when scheduling, you specify the attributes of the Resource you require and let the system locate and suggest available resources, or even book the best Resource based on priorities you define.