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WhiteSpace™ includes a powerful Drill Down Reporting system as well as a host of standard reports and charts. An optional Advanced Report Writer is also available.

Active Drill Down showing report results - from here you can print, preview, send to excel, pdf, email etc, even build a graphical view of these bookings.
Active Reporting View

The active reporting tool allows you to;

  • Perform searches
  • Locate appointments or commitments
  • Sort data
  • Print or send the data sent to Excel,Word, PDF's etc
  • View and amend booking details

Powerful reports and charts are also provided, including busy / committed and available time analysis, project actual + scheduled vs. budget reports, Resource Activity list, day to day sickness & holiday reporting etc.

Future Utilization Report showing confirmed bookings, provisional bookings and free space.
Availability Report for a Team

With the optional Report Writer you can create literally any Report or Chart. A report writing service is also available; our consultants write your reports then forward them to you for inclusion in your system.