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Different organizations need to schedule and plan Resources in different ways. With WhiteSpace™ you configure the system to match your method of operation.

Booking Type definition

Here, booking rules such as mandatory and optional fields are defined. You can define the fields you require by Booking type and Resources and color code bookings to make them easily recognizable on-screen.

By tailoring booking rules to exactly match your requirements, you not only make it easy for users to use and learn the system, you ensure consistency and accuracy in Booking processing and data capture.

When scheduling resource, users can view see at a glance who or what is free / busy and make bookings directly, or they can use the advanced scheduling facilities.

Advanced Scheduling
scheduletime™ can user information such as the types of Resource(s) required, check availability and suggest or book the resources for you automatically. You can even prioritize the order in which Resources are chosen.

Booking Templates
An optional feature within scheduletime™ is an advanced constraint based scheduler system that allows you to define complex rules to meet the most demanding scheduling requirement.