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scheduletime® solves the problem of Event and Facility Scheduling with a powerful and configurable scheduling engine and informative view screen that allows simultaneous management of all Event Resources:

·  Room and Equipment Scheduling
· Staff, both internal and external
· Virtual items such as Jobs, Projects or Courses
· Consolidated views showing all items linked to a Job / Project / Customer / Event
· Customization to support your unique Business Processes
· Powerful reporting to deliver literally any report / analysis
· Available to Network, Web and PDA users

In addition to advanced Scheduling functionality, the system provides customizable Resource allocation views including views by Job, Project, Facility, Event, Customer, Team, Building etc.

Example ScheduleTime screen. See the on-line demonstration to learn more about ScheduleTime.
Example view by Resource

To speak to a Pre-Sales Consultant about how scheduletime® can be of benefit to your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us.