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Timewatch's ScheduleTime™ product excels is brodcasting and production scheduling environments.

Using fast and clear color coded screens, ScheduleTime™ allows scheduiling of studios, staff, crew and equipment and aids in maintenance planning.

·  Studio Scheduling
· Camera & Sound Crew Booking
· Staff Scheduling
· Production Management
· Equipment Allocation
· Engineer Booking
· Post Production Scheduling
· Training Course Scheduling

ScheduleTime™ is entirely customizable and configurable which allows the system to perfectly match your Resource Scheduling and Planning requirements.

Example ScheduleTime screen. See the on-line demonstration to learn more about ScheduleTime.
Example view

With an unparalleled level of flexibility and scalability it's no surpirse that organizations from the Voice of America to the BBC, ITV, Scottish TV and Fox TV have embraced ScheduleTime™ to solve their scheduling requirements.